Kenya Safari Holiday Tour

Kenya is one of the great Africa Safari destinations with developed tourism sector.  It is positioned along the Equator and a member of the East African Community thus benefiting from the Joint East Africa Tourist Visa that allows world travellers to visit Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda on one Visa.

The destination Kenya is marked by great wonders ranging from the Coastal lands of Indian Ocean and its Islands to the savannah stretches of Maasai Mara, the rift valley system with its escarpments and lakes like Nakuru featuring the millions of Flamingos, the glaciated Mount Kenya standing as the second highest in Africa, fresh water Victoria Lake, the arid landscapes of the north and the range of tribal cultures spread all over the nation. All these combine to make the Kenya Safari Holiday Tours worth undertaking.

Kenya Safari Wildlife


Kenya Safari wildlife has been at the centre of African Safaris. The African Big five namely the Elephants, Buffalos, the Leopards, Black and white Rhinos and Lions along with myriad of other wild game like  Giraffes, Cheetah, the millions of Wildebeest, Grant’s Gazelle, Thompson Gazelle, hundreds of thousands of Zebras have always made Kenya an outstanding destination and wildlife Safaris in Kenya have always ranked among the best in the world.

Due to comprehensive 35 years of ban against poaching, the wildlife fear of humans has gradually reduced and thus can always be approached at a close distance. But, the travellers should always that these are wild animals and thus should be handled with care.

Safaris in Kenya

The Kenya Safaris can be done by land and by Air. The road connections depart from Nairobi to the range of National Parks in various parts of the country while the light Aircrafts operate from Nairobi and the range of micro destinations. The roads are generally accessible though the tracks in the game parks can be challenging in the rainy season.

Safari Vehicles are 4WD featuring pop up roof and Air conditioning. These Vehicles can be Safari Vans, Safari Land Cruiser and Open Safari Jeeps which offer more uninterrupted wild game views and comfort.

Kenya Safari accommodation is in various forms including Permanent Safari Camps, Safari Lodges with en suite cottages, basic camping with shared washrooms and contemporary hotels in towns near the parks. The accommodation for Safaris in Kenya is always grouped as Luxury / Upmarket, Midrange / Standard and Budget / Basic.

Where to go on Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya

Where to go on Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya

Maasai Mara Reserve as a Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya


Maasai Mara National Reserve positioned to the south west of Kenya features the Great Migration which is one of the Natural Wonders of the World. The park is home to Big Cat Diary and the Disney African Cats. Maasai Mara National Reserve is the most famous of all the Kenya Safari sites because of its extensive counts of Wild game. In addition to the Big five, Maasai Mara Reserve features millions of Wildebeest, the hundreds of thousands of Thompson Gazelles and Zebras, the Cheetah, Spotted Hyenas, Jackal species.  The native community of the Maasai feature great traditions and are famous warriors and great pastoralists that traditionally grazed in the extensive plains of Maasai Mara and Serengeti in Tanzania.

Samburu Game Reserve as a Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya


Positioned at 100km from Nairobi Capital, Samburu Game Reserve features River Uwaso Nyiro – the biggest and the blood line of northern Kenya. The native people are Maa-speaking Samburu people that are known for Camel rearing. The Samburu Reserve presents a magical, wilderness touch ideal for exploration on Kenya Safaris and tours.

Laikipia as a Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya

The Laikipia is another impressive Kenya Safari site positioned to the North West of Mount Kenya comprising of the famous Ol Pajeta Conservancy also known as the Sweet waters – the only place to view Chimpanzees in Kenya along with the only remaining male northern white Rhino in the world.

Meru National Park as a Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya


Meru National Park is a famous home to the lioness that was set free by George and Joy Adamson. This acted as an inspiration for the movie and book born free. Following the rehabilitation efforts that included increasing range force, road network and establishing a Rhino Sanctuary acting as a poacher proof, Meru National Park has made a comeback to the main stream of Kenya Safari destinations

Tsavo West & Tsavo East National Park as a Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya


Tsavo East and Tsavo West though they share the primary name, they are different presenting a varied Kenya Wildlife Safari experience. Tsavo East National Park presents open flat, undulating hills with scattered bush. The Tsavo West National Park features more hilly landscape and scattered bush. Tsavo East features red dust elephants and is a larger protected area covering 13,700km2 about 9 times larger than Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills as a Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya

Amboseli National Park is listed among the Kenya’s Oldest National Parks declared in 1974 from the reserve status that it had acquired in 1940s. At the back yard of Kilimanjaro Mountain – the Africa’s highest; Amboseli National Park features great populations of free ranging elephants and features an amazing landscape that can turn into a swamp in the rainy season and a dry dusty place during the dry seasons.

More information about Kenya Safari Holidays

When to go on a Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya

The Wildlife Safari Holiday in Kenya can be conducted all the year-round. However, there are always certain months when travel in Kenya offers exciting returns. The months of June, July, August, September and October are always dry presenting good wild game viewing opportunities. Additionally, this season coincides with the Great Migration of Wildebeest that crosses from Tanzania around June staying in Maasai Mara till October.

The rainy month of March, April and May features tall grass and dense vegetation which affect the quality of game viewing.

Food and Drink on a Wildlife Safari Holiday Tour in Kenya

The Kenyan food is diverse with a combination of indigenous food stuffs and the Swahili cuisine that combines Indian and Arab food stuffs.  Besides the Swahili Cuisine, the Kenyan food is very basic and feature very few ingredients. The Staples like Ugali, Irio and Githeri among others are common. The fish is got from Lake Victoria while the Sea food is available at the Coast.

Being a tropical country, the tropical fruits like Banana, Mango, Passion Fruit, Orange, Pineapple, watermelon among others can be used as deserts.

The common drinks in Kenya include Coffee locally known as Kahawa, Tea and Beer especially the local brands like Tusker. The International wines from expert wine producing countries like South Africa, Europe and North America are also available at Kenya Safari Lodges.