On your Uganda Gorilla Safari, you will Locate Mgahinga National Park 510km far southwest of Kampala City the Capital of Uganda which is just 42km from Entebbe International Airport, this park rests in the district of Kisoro and is Uganda’s smallest but arguably one of the profoundly biome-diverse National Park. Mgahinga is one of the only two Uganda Gorilla Safaris destinations […]

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You might have done plenty of treks in your life time and probably checked all diverse environments but none can compare to the rawness of an encounter with the endangered Mountain Gorillas out in the wild on a Uganda Safari Tour.

Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to over half of the only remaining critically […]

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Hiking & Nature Walks – An alternative to Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi – Gorilla Safari News

Alternatively to Gorilla Trekking in  Bwindi, nature walks & hiking can be done as a full activity, or as an extra activity alongside other activities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda.

This involves walking around the famous national park, admiring nature, viewing some of the attractions in Bwindi national park like animals and birds, and even […]

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Uganda to exhibit at the 2017 ITB Berlin

Uganda to exhibit at the 2017 ITB Berlin

2017 is without doubt a year of excellence to the Uganda Tourism industry. As you are aware Uganda tourism lately  participate in stunning and attractive activities including the showcasing of the

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Ugandan Mountain Gorilla draws Unbelievable attention at the London Trafalgar Square

Uganda Mountain Gorilla draws Unbelievable attention at the London Trafalgar Square

Yesterday (2nd Feb. 2017), in London, a mountain Gorilla named Bakwate (which translates as “Attacker” or “Getter”.) stole all the London Trafalgar Square’s attention.

Bakwate is the dominant alpha Silver back of the Oruzogo group. The name comes from his main strength: when he wants something done he’ll […]

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Mountain Gorilla of Bwindi – Facts to note

The Mountain gorillas also known as Gorilla beringei beringei , largest and so far strongest primates, a subspecies of the eastern gorillas (Gorilla Beringei), a critically endangered species inhabiting Africa’s volcanic slopes. Mountain gorillas have few natural predators.

Though endangered, Mountain gorillas display incredible intelligence. Humans’ thorough activities such as poaching, civil war, and habitat destruction among others […]

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Uganda Safari Lodges -Silverback Lodge Bwindi

According to the manager on ground, Silverback Lodge stands as the latest addition of Marasa Africa Uganda Safari lodge portfolio offering mid-range accommodation in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda.

Positioned in Buhoma sector at about 5 minutes drive to the gorilla trekking assembly point, the Lodge forms a perfect base for exploring the gorilla families of […]

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The mountain oriole

The mountain oriole

The mountain oriole (Oriolus percivali), also known as the black-tailed oriole, a specie of bird belonging to the family Oriolidae. It is found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (Uganda), Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Oriole, a small and beautiful bird naturally found only in boreal forests, subtropical or tropical dry […]

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While Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park is naturally known for the famous Uganda Gorilla Safaris, as it is home to almost half of the world’s remaining count of the endangered Mountain Gorillas, this 321 squrekm forest national park is a excellent birding site for all the birders on Uganda safaris, or to be specific, Uganda […]

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The Great Black Panther film was shot in Uganda – Bwindi Gorilla news

The superhero film “Black Panther” is one of the films that has left African people astonished. This film has also shown the world that the black race also has potential in many fields. The Black Panther film was premiered on the 14th of February. This greatly increased the number of clients at the cinema halls […]

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